Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong: High School Hijinks


Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong - coverNothing Can Possibly Go Wrong - coverFaith Erin Hicks is following up her terrific graphic novel Friends With Boys with another story set in high school, this time collaborating with writer Prudence Shen. Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong is about a contentious school election, with that age-old battle between geeks and jocks (sort of). The robotics team needs funds to go to the National Robotics Convention, and the cheerleaders need new uniforms — but the student council gets to decide who will get the funds. (No telling if Hollow Ridge High’s cheerleading coach is anything like Sue Sylvester…)

As with Friends With Boys, the comic will first run as a webcomic, updated daily on weekdays, before it is published by First Second Books next spring. They’ve got the first chapter (20 pages) posted already, with new pages coming from now until its hard-copy publication in May.

I love Hicks’ artwork and I’m excited to see what new author Shen has in store. I’ve been promised shenanigans. The other fun part of reading along as the story unfolds online is that Hicks and Shen will be blogging along with some of the comics — think of it as a commentary track. It’s a lot of fun to get some more insight into the making of the story and find out about little details in the drawings that you might have missed.

Head over to to check it out!

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