Fireproof and Waterproof, the ioSafe N2 May Be the Home Storage You Are Looking For



ioSafe’s new NAS, the ioSafe N2. Photo: ioSafe

Imagine having your own private cloud storage, similar to DropBox, but without a monthly fee and for up to 8TB of storage. Sync your data, and access it all from any device. Share photos with family. Stream music to your iPhone. Back up everything.

The disaster proof hardware company ioSafe has a new product that could serve you in this way. It is called the ioSafe N2, and will be released in January. To put it in the words of one of their employees, Brett Callow, the N2 is “a fire- and water-resistant NAS [network-attached storage] that’ll enable people to protect their data from physical threats onsite while also enabling them to remotely access it from pretty much any internet-connected device. Basically it’ll enable folk to create a disaster proofed private cloud. No need to put data in the hands of a third-party and no need to pay monthly storage fees.”

Source: ioSafe

This new product is different from a conventional external hard drive in that NASes are connected to the network instead of just one machine, and you’ll be able to access it from anywhere you’re connected to the internet. I am told that it is very easy to use and set up, but if you have any trouble, help is on the other end of a free phone call to ioSafe.

In addition to being fire- and waterproof like their other products, the new ioSafe N2 will allow you to access your data from anywhere. You can get to it in your own way, on any device, any computer. They have a series of apps to help. As someone who never seems to use things the way that the majority of people do, this is very appealing. Plus, a data recovery service is included in the price of the product, if you were to have a fire or flood.

To achieve production of this new drive, ioSafe has set up an Indiegogo campaign. This surprised me, since I figured something so awesome must come from a large company (see my review of their new ioSafe G3 external drive). But ioSafe is just a 25 person company. Being light on their feet doesn’t keep them from making quality goods, however. I have been excessively happy with my two ioSafe external drives, and all of the reviews I have read have agreed with me.

Participating in this Indiegogo campaign will help the company get this new product off the ground, but participants will get great benefit as well. Participating at some of the levels will give you a discount, much higher than your participation level, off of a particular product.

From the press release:

The high performance 2-bay N2 will provide up to 8TB of storage capacity and be equipped with a 2GHz Marvel CPU and 512MB memory. The N2 will use redundant hard drives as well as ioSafe’s patented DataCast, HydroSafe and FloSafe technologies to protect data from loss in fire up to 1550°F and submersion in fresh or salt water up to a 10 foot depth for 3 days. […]

The ioSafe N2 will begin shipping during January 2013 and will be available in capacities up to 8TB. Introductory pricing for the ioSafe N2 diskless version will start at $599.99. Like ioSafe’s other products, the N2 will be backed by the ioSafe Data Recovery Service and No Hassle Warranty.

For a video introduction to the N2 and to get more information, visit the Indiegogo project site.


The ioSafe N2 is fireproof and waterproof. Image: ioSafe.

There are many different options so you can get the system you need, whether it’s for home use, office security and access, or some other purpose.

I love DropBox and use it as a matter of course, but I’m itching to get one of these. I’d love to have my own private cloud, keeping my data (read: photos, writing, projects) as safe and accessible as possible. Since I already know and trust ioSafe for my external hard drive needs, they’d definitely be my first stop for an NAS. Check out their Indiegogo campaign, and see if their products will fit your particular needs.

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