Camden Is a Kickstarter You Should Care About

Geek Culture Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a vast site with so many projects, it’s tough to tell which are worth supporting and which are just interesting. We try to help you by sorting through the comics, films, books, games, and more by pinpointing the ones we like best on our GeekDad curated Kickstarter page. One of those projects that has us very excited is Camden.

The game was designed by prolific award-winning game designer James Ernest and features the artwork of GeekDad favorite John Kovalic. It’s a casual strategy game that both families and more serious gamers will enjoy. Your job in Camden is to sell goods in an open market in London’s Camden Lock. It’s based on another of Ernest’s games, Agora, which you can download for free.

Players will lay tiles in any orientation they want in order to expand their business while cutting off rivals. Sound simple? Well, there are bobbies trying to catch players selling knockoff goods. Play will be fast and fun, plus the quality of the components will be top-notch. The game will support two to four players.

I sat down with the game’s publisher, industry veteran Bo Radakovich at PAX Prime and asked him why casual gamers should be supporting Camden. “Camden is appealing because it takes the lessons of Carcassonne (simple but deep strategy) and adds a fun twist. It plays in that sweet spot for casual players, 30-45 minutes, plus has language-independent components, which is ideal for mixed age range.”

Radakovich, who is also a producer for Geek & Sundry’s TableTop, says “Camden [represents] the return of Cheapass Games in deluxe high quality production … but [Camden is] more than just a game, it’s a the start of a new publisher who has good reputation with top designers and illustrators.”

To learn more about Camden or to fund the project, check out its Kickstarter page.

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