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Want to help tell the untold story of D&D? Support a documentary film’s Kickstarter campaign (Image: Iconoscope Films/Westpaw Films)

In a previous post, we heard about the filmmakers behind Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary, which just debuted an except from their documentary at Gen Con. As a result of the screening, I’m told, there’s a fair amount of buzz about the movie which aims to tell the true, comprehensive and untold story of Dungeons & Dragons — both as a cultural phenomenon as well as its impact on the world of nerddom, video games, and the world at large.

D&D is, the filmmakers claim, “arguably the most influential game in history.”

Now, you can help tell that story by supporting their Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to finish shooting the film.

“We love this game and the people that we’ve met while shooting it,” says the trio of filmmakers — Andrew Pascal, Anthony Savini, and James Sprattley, all veterans of New York City and Los Angeles film and television productions.

“They deserve our best efforts to create something really special. And you, our audience, also deserve something special, to know the story of D&D. A story that needs to be told so that people know how important Dungeons & Dragons has been in our culture. That’s why we’ve set out to create a definitive look at Dungeons & Dragons. And we need a lot of help.”

Their Kickstarter appeal goes on to say: “We’ve already shot hours of footage and spent the better part of a year putting this project together. It’s been an amazing experience. But we’ve done all that we can and spent as much as we can afford. We still have a long, challenging road ahead of us.”

They’re trying to raise $150,000, and at press time, they are about one-fifth of the way there, with just under three weeks to go.

Want to support this project? Here’s how, as well as more information about the Kickstarter for Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary. You can also read more about the film and the story behind it at

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