The Kiss Army Connects Worldwide Via Ortsbo


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Kiss has been rocking the world for almost 40 years, and while they struggled in the early years to sell albums to a diverse and difficult audience, it was ultimately their live album and fans that pulled them back from the brink of bankruptcy and launched one of the more successful rock franchises to emerge from the ’70s. In the interim they have utilized a number of new technologies, and methods of connecting with their fans, and they are launching something new for The Tour.

Teaming up with Ortsbo for a first in music and fan communications, Kiss is launching a multilingual social network aggregator, enabling the tour’s on-site team, concert-goers, Kiss members and fans worldwide to converse across language barriers, continents and all the top social networks. Built to transform the way audiences, musicians and staffers share live and static entertainment experiences, the new hub will serve as a global base for Kiss fans, tour attendees and viewers around the world.

“We’re giving our fans a more powerful and meaningful way to communicate and engage with us while on tour. Every member of the Kiss Army brings pride and power we share and with Ortsbo’s technology we can reach anyone, anywhere, in any language through one single place on the web,” said Paul Stanley of Kiss. “No matter where our fans are or what native language they speak, now all of them can be part of the tour plus purchase tour merchandise through one easy platform.”

Ortsbo supports 53 languages across more than a dozen social networks, and is also providing multi-lingual support for Live Nation Merchandise to bring the gambit of Kiss items to fans on a global scale.

I’ll be watching this closely. I think the concept is great, but it remains to be seen if Kiss and Ortsbo can pull it off in a way that is meaningful for the fans and the band. The first real public show of the tour is tonight in Bristow, Virginia, and I will be watching to see how the fans interact with the network. They are making a stop in Dallas on August 4th, and I’ll be there, both for the show, and to see how the social network connects with the real world experience.

Find out more today on, or link directly to the Kiss Social Hub.

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