Geek Out With the Humble Music Bundle


With its 2010 debut the Humble Indie Bundle changed the way many of us think about desktop gaming. Offering a wide selection of quality independent titles at a flexible pay-what-you-want price point that allows the buyers themselves to decide how much of the purchase price goes to the developers, featured charities and the organizers, it truly represents an inspiring new brand of internet commerce. It also represents the greatest video game value this side of the yard sale circuit.

Earlier today the first ever Humble Music Bundle was unveiled. Featuring albums from esteemed geek rockers They Might Be Giants, Jonathan Coulton and OK Go!, gamer-friendly composers Christopher Tin and Hitoshi Sakimoto and the Godfather of Nerdcore Hip-Hop himself, MC Frontalot, it’s surely the easiest (and most altruistic) way to nerd up your music collection.

Humble Bundles’ own Richard Esguerra says:

We know that Humble Bundle is primarily known for pay-what-you-want deals for video games, but we’ve been working for more than a year to put together this deal for digital music. Our philosophy with games has been to help independent creators, support charity, and provide an unbeatable deal for customers and fans around the world — all values that we could definitely see working for music as well.

That said, this is the most far ranging Humble Bundle experiment thus far. But after Radiohead’s reportedly successful experiment with In Rainbows, we’re very interested to see how the world responds to this different kind of pay what you want promotion for music.

So head over to the official project site to get instant access to DRM-free MP3 or FLAC files from these amazing artists. Because you need music, Child’s Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation need funding, and Frontalot needs food. Badly.

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