DIY Hologram Kit

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Princess Leia HologramPrincess Leia Hologram

Holographic Princess Leia with a real R2D2 figure. Can you tell? Photo: Litiholo

Ok, I promised myself I’m not taking on any new topics for GeekDad before my trip to Taiwan, because I have too much to write about as it is, and not enough time left. But this is too cool to pass over: do-it-yourself full-color holograms!

Paul Christie from Litiholo developed a Hologram Kit that lets you create your own small holograms at home, without the need for chemicals for processing. The catch is that these holograms were only in red. It is possible to make full-color holograms, but it’s quite difficult and costly, so Christie launched a Kickstarter project to get enough volume to create a full-color hologram kit. For $235, you’ll get a kit that lets you make up to 20 holograms. (Higher levels will give you extra film for more holograms.)

Holograms are one of those things that I’ve read about but still can’t quite grasp in my head, so I’ll be following up with Christie about that later. For now, though, you’ve only got until Thursday evening to pledge for your copy of a kit. Head over to the Kickstarter page and check out the video. It’s not cheap, but the wow factor may just be worth it.

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