2 Great Kid Comic Previews: Batula and Super Dinosaur 12

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Tomorrow is Wednesday, also known to comics geeks the world over as the day new releases hit. We have previews of two books – one complete graphic novel from the team doing the Spiderman animated series on Disney XD right now, and the other is the next in Robert Kirkman’s awesome kids series, Super Dinosaur. Check out the previews in the galleries below, and pick up the books for your kids at your favorite comics shop, or online at the links included.

Story by: Steven T. Seagle
Art By: Marco Cinello

Livingston is a peaceful fruit bat whose life changes when he is bitten by a vampire and transformed into a vampire bat! As Batula – an avenging creature of the night – Livingston develops a taste for adventure and a need to prove that no matter what he looks like on the outside, he’s still the same bat on the inside.

Price: $14.99
Diamond ID: MAY120523
On Sale: July 25, 2012

Super Dinosaur #12
Story by: Robert Kirkman
Art By: Jason Howard

“Escape From Inner-Earth,” Part One

Derek Dynamo is a prisoner of The Exile – who has taken him deep into Inner-Earth! Super Dinosaur must assemble a team to track down The Exile and save his best friend, but along the way, he will learn the secret of Inner-Earth – something that could bring about the fall of human civilization!

Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: MAY120629
On Sale: July 25, 2012

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