TableTop Goes Co-Op With Castle Panic

Geek Culture

After a nasty game of back-stabbing last week, Wil and his guests elect to play a little kinder and gentler this week with one of the best family-friendly co-op games, Castle Panic. At GeekDad, we are big fans of Castle Panic and Wil and Yuri Lowenthal, Tara Platt, and Andre Meadows show why it’s such a wonderful game during this week’s episode.

Associate Producer Boyan Radakovich says Castle Panic is “a perfect example of what TableTop is about — wonderful chemistry between the players, thoughtful game decisions, and everyone having so much fun it just shines through on camera.”

Can Wil finally win a game? And if it’s a co-op victory, will his triumph be footnoted by a Barry Bonds-like asterisk? Find out by watching this week’s episode!

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