MoonBots Competition Now Open for Registration

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Are your kids interested in robotics, science, or space exploration? Or maybe they’d just like the chance to win a free trip to Hawaii? All are on the table in this year’s version of the incredibly popular (and fun) MoonBots Challenge. The contest, now in its third year, pits teams of kids against each other as they learn about space and develop solutions to problems that actual space explorers face.

The first phase of the contest involves answering a couple of questions and creating a short video. Easy! Those selected for phase two are given a gift card to build a lunar landscape and a Lego Mindstorms robot. Teams are responsible for creating their own moonscape and challenge game this year and the MoonBots team is really looking forward to teams’ creativity. (See previous years for inspiration.)

If you’re new to Mindstorms, the Challenge committee has made available a Lego Technical Expert to help teams with their robots this year. If you have a question, the new MoonBots forum is at your disposal for finding answers. What’s more, the MoonBots challenge has been extended extensively, so to give teams more time to develop their live mission. The best part is that there’s no cost to enter and kids are almost guaranteed to learn something, while having a great time.

That’s the 2012 MoonBots Challenge: fun, science, space, robotics, and fantastic prizes. Don’t wait any longer, register your team today!

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