My Inner Thrall Has Been Released

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Thrall's DoomhammerThrall's Doomhammer

Thrall's Doomhammer in a custom shipping crateThrall's Doomhammer in a custom shipping crate

Photo by Anton Olsen

My wife laughed nervously when I told her that I’d won a Doomhammer sculpture. She was aware that I had entered the contest at the NY Toy Fair back in February. She even commented on the picture on Facebook, and reposted it to her friends, but I’m sure it never crossed her mind that I could win. She was excited when I got the email in March informing me that I’d won. Her enthusiasm waned a little when I told her it was a life size replica of the Thrall’s Doomhammer made with MEGABlok. Neither of us had any clue exactly what “life size” meant.

In talking with the PR rep it became apparent that the model department was trying to figure out how to ship it to me, and that it weighed 50 pounds. That number surprised me, but I didn’t think much of it. I mean, how big can 50 pounds of bricks be?

The surprise arrived on a DHL truck. The delivery guy knocked on the door and informed my wife that he had two rather large packages to deliver. One was a custom plywood shipping crate for the Doomhammer, and the other was a special wall-mount for the hammer shaped like a matching shield.

I’m just waiting now for our schedule to calm down a bit after Maker Faire to find room on the living room wall for the shield and hammer. Wish me luck with that.

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