Reminder: Tomorrow Is Free Comic Book Day!

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FCBD 2012 Cover-2FCBD 2012 Cover-2

Ok, I told you back in December to mark your calendars for Free Comic Book Day, and here it comes! Mine came a little early, actually: Archaia sent me a copy of their free hardcover I mentioned before, so I got a chance to flip through it ahead of time.

The Mouse Guard cover story is a tale of an old heroic mouse, told through a puppet show to mouse audience, with a little cameo at the end. I’m preparing for my first full RPG experience soon with the Mouse Guard RPG, so I went back and read all the previous issues of Mouse Guard: Legends of the Black Axe, and it’s reinvigorated my excitement about David Petersen’s world of mice.

There’s a Rust story that has little brother Oswald giving his perspective on Jet Jones and the goings-on at the family farm. (And if you haven’t checked out Rust yet, you really ought to.)

The other stories in the book are great, too, and you should certainly grab a copy of this freebie if you can get to a comic store on Saturday, May 5 — but keep your eyes peeled for the full versions of these comics, too, because Archaia has some really great books in the queue.

And, of course, there will be plenty of free issues from other publishers as well. Enjoy!

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