So Happy Together: GeekMom Joins Wired


Almost two years ago at the GeekDad booth at Maker Faire, one question came up over and over again: “Yeah, but where’s GeekMom?” My pat answer at that point was that, when I took over GeekDad, I always intended the blog to be for geek parents, which is why we had four Core Contributors who were moms. It generally satisfied people, but we all knew it wasn’t the best answer.

Fast forward a couple of months, and our geek patron Chris Anderson called me up, asking “Hey, is available; want me to pick it up?” The answer was an easy and enthusiastic yes.

That October, with Chris’s blessing, and completely separately from GeekDad and Wired, those four geeky moms (Natania Barron, Cory Lawson, Kathy Ceceri, and Jenny Williams) and I started up as the perfect home for an underserved, but certainly not insignificant, audience.

Now, two years after the first inkling of an idea, GeekMom has come “home,” and both genders of geeky parents can now find fun, interesting stories and reviews here at Wired. As Publisher of both blogs, I couldn’t be more proud or more excited.

So please, go check them out, add them to your RSS feed reader, follow them on Twitter, and make them feel welcome at

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