AFOLs Assemble!

Geek Culture

Just about every reader of this blog knows that Lego isn’t just for kids. From the artist who rendered the construction of a Lego Millennium Falcon piece-by-piece, to the builder who constructed a Lego barrel organ which plays the Star Wars theme, Lego is not only fun for kids but adults as well.

Recently, Portland, Oregon, caught the brick fever by hosting a traveling Lego exhibition at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. This weekend, Portland again catches the Lego bug. Lego maniacs are getting together at the Portland Convention Center to display their wares, trade parts, and hobnob with other AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego).

If you are in the area, come on by Saturday or Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing the space- and steampunk-themed displays. They also will have custom and vintage sets for sale as well as new and used bricks. I am looking forward to seeing you there. Hours run 10AM to 4Pm on Saturday and 9AM to 3PM on Sunday. You can find a schedule of events and more about specific exhibits at

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