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Witchblade #151 — Hint: It is written on the wall, but don't be afraid of the dark.Witchblade #151 — Hint: It is written on the wall, but don't be afraid of the dark.

Witchblade #151 — Hint: It is written on the wall, but don't be afraid of the dark. (Click to enlarge image for better viewing)

Witchblade Rebirth Volume 1 collects the first story arc (issues #151–155) by the new creative team by Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash, and Revival) and Diego Bernard (The Man With No Name) with covers from John Tyler Chrisopher (Artifacts). In celebration of the trade paperback being released this week June 6th, GeekDad and publisher Top Cow have a little something for you.

In each of the covers, John hid codes and riddles for fans to find and solve within the art. These are the Top Cow Witchblade Cover Artifacts. Solve the puzzle to get the clue and get unlock bonus content, including wallpaper, behind-the-scenes art, and more on their website.

The Top Cow/GeekDad Witchblade Contest

In conjunction with Top Cow, GeekDad is offering our own exclusive contest for GeekDad readers, and it’s a big one. Solve the cover image and enter the clue in the form below for not one, but two chances to win:

  1. Daily Prize (7): We will be giving away one copy of the new Witchblade Rebirth Vol 1 trade paperback signed by writer Tim Seeley every day this week. Enter by submitting the clue from that day’s image for your chance. Only one winner per day, and you can only win this prize once.
  2. Grand Prize (1): All entries will be used to draw for the grand prize, a complete set of prints of the covers for Witchblade Rebirth Vol 1 signed by artist John Tyler Christopher. The more you enter, the better your chances are, so even if you win the daily prize, you can keep entering for the grand prize.

Just a little friendly warning: The codes and riddles can get pretty tricky, and may rely on your knowledge of other Top Cow titles. Look closely at each image for any anomalies. No detail is too small.

Here’s a little hint for today’s image (above):

The writing was on the wall that things would not be looking up for Sara Pezzini after her move to Chicago starting in Witchblade #151. What secret lies behind the cover of the Top Cow Universe Rebirth kick-off issue to Witchblade? It helps to not be afraid of the Dark.

Good luck, and see you again tomorrow with a new cover.

Pre-order Witchblade Rebirth Vol 1 ($9.99) from Top Cow.

Witchblade: Cover ArtifactsWitchblade: Cover Artifacts


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