Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter Project Hits $1.5MM Super-Goal

Electronics Kickstarter

For many of us geeks, Shadowrun was one of the best pen-and-paper RPGs we played as kids. The mix of Lord of the Rings monsters and magic with a Blade Runner dystopian future was rife with amazing stories to tell and adventures to run. Which is why the recent Kickstarter campaign by one of its original creators to develop a new computer game based on the original RPG has caught so much attention.

Originally asking for $400,000, the team at Harebrained Schemes met that goal within the first two days after going live. Since then they’re revised their goals a couple times, offering bigger and better game features if backers carried them just a bit further. Wednesday night, 3 days before the close of the pledge period, Shadowrun Returns hit the revised $1.5MM goal, meaning the game will launch with two fully-realized cities in which to play and create runs, a soundtrack by the musicians behind the lauded scores from the Genesis and SNES Shadowrun games, a full level editor, a Mac client as well as a PC client, and an entire adventure exclusive to backers for a set time.

Now, all we have to do is be patient until next year…

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