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zombie egg
Image by L. Weldon


An egg is an egg except when it’s Easter. Even then, tradition doesn’t stray far from hard boiled eggs, plastic eggs, and candy eggs. But there are so many more ways to make an oblate spheroid more festive.

Zombie eggs: A bit of mottled paint plus a grimace and your hard boiled egg is a zombie. Partially cracked—even better.

Crystal geode eggs: Science it up by growing crystals in an egg shell.

Lego eggs: Simply glue round breath mints to eggs and paint for strange egg-shaped Legos.

Paper bag eggs. Hide treats inside eggs made from paper grocery bags.  These can be personalized to avoid the competitive madness known as the Easter egg hunt.

Electronic eggs: Make your egg hunt an auditory event. Try a talking egg
or beeping egg that can be used year after year.

Joke eggs. Dye raw eggs, then empty them of eggy contents using the old blown egg method. Stuff each tiny opening with a rolled up joke or silly saying. You Crack Me Up seems obvious or use egg jokes found online. Cover the opening with a sticker.

Giant eggs. Use a balloon, some white glue, and paper to make a huge egg. Some crafters recommend tissue paper. We’ve found if you want to fill the egg with anything heavier than confetti, it’s best to layer somewhat heavier glue-drenched paper first. You can follow with tissue paper or simply paint it when dry. Hide surprises inside, then hang it up like a piñata or place it amongst other normal-sized eggs for a laugh. You can also make small paper mache eggs, just the right size to hold treats or tiny gifts.

Steampunk eggs: Fancy up wooden eggs with a metallic paint plus junk drawer items like springs, gears, wire, and screws as shown on Instructables.

Image by L. Weldon

Face eggs: Simply decorate your dyed eggs with markers, googly eyes, yarn hair, whatever you have on hand.

Angry Bird eggs. It takes a little felt, foam, and glue to make Angry Birds eggs.  Of course, recipients may experience an irresistible urge to fling these birds.

Temporary tat eggs: Eggs are like honey badgers, they don’t care if you apply several tattoos, even if a Disney princess and Iron Man appear to be sharing Sasuke’s Cursed Seal. And every tat applied to an egg is one more you don’t have to see on your child’s cheek.

Musical eggs:  Let plastic eggs sing by stuffing them with Picaxes, following this Instructables guide.

Rolled fondant eggs: Egg mod possibilities are endless when you apply this sugary modeling confection. Try somewhat egg-shaped characters like Stewie Griffin, Zim, or Mr. Potato Head.

Egg trick: Try a beginner’s magic trick, turning a silk scarf into an egg.

Dinosaur egg: Let the Easter bunny bring an ordinary egg that gradually turns into a grinning T-Rex.

Egg decorating robot: Use the Egg Bot, designed by Evil Mad Science, to make arty eggs. But wait, there’s more, this

super-handy machine can also print on other strange shapes like pumpkins, drinking glasses, even light bulbs. Clearly an essential machine for every holiday.

Human ovum. Why not enjoy the fluffy toy version, made by the Giant Microbes people? Display this for Easter along with a cute stuffed sperm celland your pregnancy announcement will be strange but unforgettable.

Don’t, of course, forget candy eggs. You don’t want to make anyone hopping mad on Easter.


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