USC Grad Student Makes “Mass Effect 3 Versus Marriage” Video Skit

Reading Time: 1 minute

Have you ever wondered what the students at U.S.C.’s film school do with their time? One graduate film student by the name of Andrew Allen came up with a humorous take on Mass Effect 3 addiction and how it affects a marriage. The best part, as Andrew reminded me, is that it’s not about the game’s ending at all.

Andrew produced the video skit via his production company Padinga. Let’s give a shout out to actors Ariana Kaiser and Andrew Allen; camera operators Eric Robbins, Jeff Hayford and Joel Townsend; audio engineers Erika Edgerley and Matthew Nyquist; producers Matthew Nyquist and Andrew Allen; and scriptwriter and director, Andrew Allen. Check out Padinga‘s site with podcasts, video game reviews and original videos. Great work guys and gals! Now we just need a crew to undo the damage done to all the Star Wars movies.

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