I Used To Think

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Kids make leaps of logic that don’t always have a factual basis. I sure did.

  • I used to think I could see Federation starships in the sky.
  • I used to think authorities checked to make sure only grown-ups drank coffee.
  • I used to think there were alligators under my bed, which is why I had to leap so far to clear their jaws each time I got up.
  • I used to think the Pledge of Allegiance included the line, “when glimmery and just ice for us all.”
  • I used to think too big a mouthful of Pop Rocks would explode my head.

Share some “used to thinks” with us!


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10 thoughts on “I Used To Think

  1. I’m a Canadian and hadn’t travelled into the US until I was 7 or 8, so before that I thought it was always dark (nighttime) in the US. Why? Because it was the U-nighted States…

  2. I used to think there were 2 castles in Edinburgh…a day time castle and a night time castle and the night time castle just floated in the sky!
    (I still wish it was true!)

  3. I was a naive child. I used to think (as a lot of children did, I think) that all dogs were boys and all cats were girls. It just made sense! Fluffy and soft equals girl. Aggressive and rambunctious equals boys!


  4. I used to think that my mouth would catch fire if I drank hot tea through a straw – my mother did tell me that though she now denies it! I also thought you could walk on clouds.

  5. I just to think tiny people lived in the traffic lights and looked out at the traffic. They decided when to switch the lights from green to yellow to red.

  6. I used to think the way Santa kept track of who was well behaved was there was a network of tiny cameras all over the place that sent footage to Santa’s control center where there was a large room filled with tv screens and elves sitting at rocket launch type control panals keeping track of everything. I also thought that Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy attended professional magical creature conferences to trade information about kids and effective ways of sneaking into particular houses.

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