7 Spoileriffic Things You May Want to Know About The Avengers

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The AvengersThe AvengersJust as there are lots of people who prefer to know very little in the way of specifics about a movie before they see it, there are lots of people who feel just the opposite. Obviously, both of these groups will read a spoiler-free article, and so just such a piece on The Avengers was published on GeekDad earlier today.

This piece is, and I can’t emphasize this enough, only for people who want spoilers. Seriously, do not read any further if you don’t want to know anything about what happens in the film. You have been warned.

If you’re reading this, you should be among those who want spoilers. In case you only want general spoilers, I’ve put the specific ones in white-on-white text, and you can select (highlight) them with your mouse or keyboard if you want to read them.

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1. Yes, a character dies — it is a Joss Whedon film, after all.

Who? Agent Coulson.
In a way that makes it likely the character will be back (it is a comic book movie, after all)? No. He gets stabbed in the back by Loki, nothing extraordinary.

2. One hero spends the first part of the film as a bad guy.

Who? Hawkeye.
Why? Turns out Loki has a device that, if he touches it to a human’s heart, brings that human under his control. He does this to Hawkeye.
Does this happen to any of the other heroes? Well, Loki tries to use it on Tony Stark, but as you may recall Tony’s heart is a bit… unusual.

3. There are awesome references to non-Marvel geeky subjects sprinkled throughout.

Example 1? There’s a great joke that references Legolas.
Example 2? One of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents plays Galaga on his monitor and is called out by Tony Stark.
Example 3? The great Harry Dean Stanton has a fantastic cameo as a guy who finds a naked Bruce Banner after he reverts to normal human form.

4. There’s a brilliantly funny scene between the Hulk and Loki, in which Loki acts all arrogant because he’s a “god.”

What happens next? Hulk picks up Loki and whips him around into the floor and walls as though he were a stuffed toy.
What’s the line the Hulk says after that, that gets swallowed by audience laughter? He says “Puny god!”
How do you know that? Someone else and I asked Joss Whedon after the press conference, because it was bugging us.

5. Agent Coulson shows his geeky side.

How? Turns out he’s a Captain America fan boy.
Does it work? It totally does. It adds depth to the character and is extremely funny, both at the same time.

6. Loki’s evil minions are an alien race from the comics.

Which one? The Chitauri.
But aren’t they supposed to be able to… ? Change shape? Yes, in the comics. But not in the movie.

7. The reveal in the post-end-credits scene is of the new villain, presumably for Iron Man 3.

Who is it? Thanos!

Any other things you want to know about The Avengers? Leave a comment.

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