GeekDad’s Exclusive Avacyn Restored Spoiler Card

Geek Culture

Our latest Magic: The Gathering spoiler card is for Avacyn Restored, the final set of the Innistrad block, which features a dark land overrun by vampires, zombies, and werewolves. But…

The archangel Avacyn has returned! A bright, fiery dawn banishes Innistrad’s shadows. Humanity takes up arms and drives back the creatures of the night. With flights of angels overhead, the righteous band together and wield holy light and miraculous magic to restore the balance of their world.

Sounds bright and chipper! Click through to check out our exclusive spoiler card!

This card is different than the game-changing bruisers we normally feature for our spoiler cards. It starts relatively quiet, only a 3/3, but every time it attacks it gets a little big tougher and reduces the mana price of your spells. Very awesome!

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