A Time-Lapse Video – With A Twist


Dutch filmmaker and photographer Frans Hofmeester has produced two wonderful time-lapse movies of his children growing up. Big deal you say, we’ve seen hundreds of time-lapse movies before – but the twist this time is that Frans has filmed both his daughter Lotte and his son Vince, once a week since they were born – 12 years for Lotte and 9 for Vince. He’s then edited hundreds of short clips together to make these lovely time lapse films.

Having moving images sped up like this lends the films a much more life-like quality and you can really see the children’s characters developing as time goes by. Vince soon develops a penchant for pulling silly faces and showing off his tombstones, whereas Lotte seems to grown up to be a very chatty young lady – no doubt telling Dad that she’s really bored of his constant filming. Although, that could all be down to selective editing.

Another interesting aspect to these films is watching the quality of the video improve over time. Back in the year 2000 I bet HD capable video cameras were pretty hard to come by, but now we can all carry one around in our pocket!

Hat-tip to kottke via @bobbyllew

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