Exclusive: Skylanders Wave Four – Zook and Lightning Rod!

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Zook and Lightning Rod on the PortalZook and Lightning Rod on the Portal

Photo by Anton Olsen

The fourth wave of Skylanders characters won’t officially be announced until Monday, but Zook and Lightning Rod are making an early appearance here at GeekDad! The arrival of these two characters boosts my army of Skylanders up to 11 and gives me renewed hope of defeating Kaos.

Zook is a strange character from a race of beings called the Bambazookers. He is the first of his kind to walk, so he isn’t terribly fast, but he makes up for it with his armor and attacks. Zook carries with him a hand carved bamboo bazooka which he can use for rocket attacks and, once upgraded, for mortar attacks. For defense, Zook can plant a small grove of quick growing bamboo. This will block or slow down most weaker enemies, but does not affect the stronger ones much. Choosing the defensive upgrade path allows one upgrade to the shield, turning it into a crop of mushrooms that protects much better than the bamboo.

Lightning Rod originally hails from the Cloud Kingdom, but joined the Skylanders after meeting Spyro. His attacks are lightning-based and in my opinion a little weak at first. After two upgrades, though, he’s kicking some serious butt. Lightning Rod is most effective using the ranged lightning attacks, then when the chompers get too close alternate with the electrical storm, which surrounds him with a cloud of electricity that damages anyone who gets too close.

My son and I ran both characters up to level 5 before bedtime and I played solo for a little while longer, switching back and forth between the two. They are both nearing level 6 now and I’m sure we’ll push them up to or near 10 tomorrow. Once we get all our characters up to level 10 with decent hats we’ll make another run at Kaos. I think it’s high time we put an end to his reign!

Also included in wave four is the new level, Dragon’s Peak, and the character Sunburn. I’ll have more on both of those, and many more pictures, tomorrow.

Check after the jump for new videos of Zook and Lightning Rod.

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