Coming Soon: A Lego R2-D2 Set! (GeekDad Weekly Rewind)

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Lego R2-D2 (photo via R2-D2 (photo via

Lego R2-D2 (photo via

This is the Lego set you’re looking for! Everyone’s favorite astromech droid is always popping up at shops and events, built life-sized from thousands of bricks by Lego’s master builders, and now we’ll all get the chance to build a — admittedly slightly smaller — version of him, too.

Artoo is the latest entry into the Ultimate Collector’s Series, which has previously brought us the mammoth Millennium Falcon, two Death Stars and an Imperial Shuttle.

The video above gives a wonderful overview of the great features the two designers, Kurt Kristensen and Mike Fuller, have crammed into the 30cm tall model, including a retractable third leg and Artoo’s handy computer interface arm and cutting disc – both hidden behind opening doors. You even get an Artoo minifig to keep you company when you’re away from his big brother! There’s also some lovely humorous banter between the two of them. It must be a fabulous place to work — I mean, being paid to play with Lego! Surely it can’t get much better than that.

According to, Artoo is built from just over 2,100 little pieces of plastic and will cost around £150 (about $250 US by the current exchange rate) when he goes on sale in May. Just enough time to clear a space on the shelves!

UPDATE: Lego has now released some official photos of Artoo through The Brothers Brick and some actual prices:
US $179.99 CA $229.99 UK 149.99 £ DE 179.99 € DK 1499 DKK

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