Kuru Appeals to Your Inner Shoe Geek

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Kuru Chicanes, Photo by Ken Denmead

I have to admit, I love shoes. It seems like such a “normal” thing to do, but I assuage my fears of becoming mundane by taking solace in the fact that I love interesting shoes. In a world where cheap, mass-produced shoes litter the aisles of our big box stores, I love discovering small, independent shoe companies doing interesting things with design and comfort. And I need comfort.

I’ve always been a “big” guy, but I’m pretty active. I walk 3-5 miles a day most days, and it’s important to me to find shoes that keep my feet from being unhappy. It’s sort of a quest for me. Often, I end up with NBs, which usually do an adequate job, but end up wearing out far too quickly. So, when the folks at Kuru, whom I discovered on Twitter, offered to send me a pair to try out, I was happy to give it a go.

And I’m even happier now.

Kuru Chicanes, Photo by Ken Denmead

Kuru’s special feature is a specially-designed curved sole that works to spread out the weight of your body coming down on your heel, so that it distributes evenly outwards, and helps prevent the wearer from heel pain. As far as I’m concerned, it works perfectly.

Indeed, for me the true test of a shoe is when I take it out for a 3-mile walk. Usually new shoes, especially when they haven’t really been broken in, will cause either heel pain or blisters. The Kuru Chicanes I was wearing passed the test with nary a sore, which was amazing. They are comfortable, and I really like the styles. But I suppose the ultimate recommendation I can make is this: Kuru’s aren’t cheap, priced between $85 and $120, and while I was lucky enough to receive a pair for review, I will buy myself more pairs. I know they won’t hurt my feet, and they look interesting. And that makes this shoe-geek happy.

Check out all the Kuru walking shoes on their website.

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