FGTV Compares Kinect Rush and Disneyland Adventures

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This week on Family Gamer TV we are comparing Kinect Rush with Disneyland Adventures. As you will see in the show, we discovered that if you put the effort into getting your room set up well for the Kinect controller Kinect Rush is another game that extends the 360′s casual gaming ambitions.

While the younger kids in our family still preferred Disneyland Adventures and its slightly simpler cooperative parent/child play, the older children relished the split-screen action in Kinect Rush. Along with not being tethered to the other player, they also appreciated having more of a puzzle challenge in the game itself.

Kinect Age TestKinect Age Test

Kinect Age Test

Kinect Rush has an E for Everyone ESRB rating (PEGI 7 in Europe) with a descriptor of “cartoon violence.” This arises from occasional fights between characters but this always in a cartoon vein, throwing tomatoes or superheroes hurling objects at robots. The Cars 2 levels do include missiles and explosions but again this is kept within the remits of a children’s cartoon.

If you have kids who have enjoyed the Lego videogames, then Kinect Rush is probably the ideal game for them. The same combination of switches, exploration and destruction are found here, although, as you can see in the video, the controls take a little more work.

The overall result of using the Kinect controller rather than a joy-pad is a greater immersion in the videogame world. Marry this with the included Pixar franchises for Up, Toy Story, Cars, Ratatouille and The Incredibles and you have an ideal match.

Kinect Rush passes the age test for junior gamers and joins our FGTV recommendation of Disneyland Adventures for younger players. If you want a Kinect game for older players The Gunstringer is very good, and at the moment comes with a free code for the pre-school gamer friendly Kinect Fruit Ninja.

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