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Welcome to Comic Book Corner – New Releases this Week

Are you a newbie to comic books and don’t know where to start? How about a veteran looking for new reads or an interesting conversation? Every Wednesday, some of the Geekmom writers will be posting up about the comic book world. We will be writing about everything from DC to Marvel, graphic novels to manga.

Now on with the show…

Green arrow, Ann NocentiGreen arrow, Ann Nocenti

Cover to Green Arrow #7

For those interested in a longer recap, check out my essay on the New 52 Superman and Batman.

New Releases for the week of March 7th: Corrina

The week can’t go by without pointing to DC Comics’ new, shiny website. What I like most is that it seems to provide more information in a less busy way. Digital comics are clearly marked, there’s a nice slideshow on top, and a quick navigation bar and it’s great that the “We Can Be Heroes” project for the horn of Africa is so prominent.

Green Arrow #7 deserves mention with the debut of the new creative team of Ann Nocenti and artist Harvey Tolibao.

Those wanting to check out a Marvel title yet are unsure where to start could try Avengers Academy #27 which features The Runaways, a teenage team who banded together because their parents are super villains.

For more on this week’s releases, read the rest of the Dakster’s post and comment on GeekMom.

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