Ponoko: Personal Factory Projects for the Kids

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Image from Ponoko.com

Ponoko recently wrote up a cool idea for alternative gifts for our (and others’) kids. Instead of getting them a present at a big box store, they suggest something a bit more personal.

There are a ton of kid friendly projects on Ponoko’s Make and Sell shop including chess sets, rocking horses, a Scribble Engine (aka Spirograph) and much more. Some are available as files, and most can be purchased pre-cut from Ponoko.

I think the best gift would be to download the files, then with the child’s help personalize them before having the parts cut. To make it even more special take a trip to your local makerspace and laser cut the parts yourself. Check out Ponoko’s site for more ideas. What could be better than a gift than planting the Maker seed in their minds? Just be sure to nourish and nurture that seed as they grow older.

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