Geeks Among Us – From Research Lab to High School Classroom


We want YOU in the STEM careers! Photo: Richard Parent

GeekMom has had fun bringing you our new series, called Geeks Among Us. You’ve learned about an archaeologist, an empowered girl, and a pretty cool website for the eternal young adult. Our next installment introduces you to a cancer research scientist who left the lab, and decided to make an impact on others in a different way.

The idea for the Geeks Among Us series first came to me after visiting with one of my husband’s old college friends. Rich Parent (yes, that’s his real name, and yes, he’s heard all the jokes) is your typical All-American guy, with a wife and three almost grown daughters. He’s smart, kind, and a ton of fun to be around. He’s married to another scientist and has Masters degrees in Biotechnology and Biological Science. He spent thirteen years in the lab, doing some pretty amazing studies, mostly related to cancer research. And then, in 2002, in a casual phone conversation with my husband, he informed us he was giving up the lab. He had decided to become a high school science teacher.

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