Geeking Out With the Disney Dream, Part 7: The Shipboard Charge Account


If you're new to cruising, keep tabs of your onboard guest account. On Disney ships, all financial transactions are done with your key card and will appear on a statement at the end of the cruise. Photo: Patricia Vollmer

For this final installment of my series about my Disney cruise, I’m going to bare my soul just a little and discuss a taboo subject when taking a cruise: the shipboard account. You know I’m a numbers girl, so I’m going to “go there” with the readers.

The results of the shipboard account will appear on a form slipped under your door just before you depart the ship. If you were really enjoying the cruise, truly relaxing, perhaps you weren’t accounting for every charge during the cruise.

I wish I had, though. Only so that we weren’t quite as shocked.

This is only the second cruise I’ve taken in my life. The first cruise was shorter, we only had one child with us (although my mother-in-law came along and we covered her account also), and I was pregnant so I didn’t consume any alcohol. Also, I’m more inclined to buy Disney souvenirs than I ever would with Carnival.

I know many readers will come forward and say “On my cruise I only bought a trading pin and that’s it.” I guess I’m not that well-disciplined.

When you book your cruise, you will be effectively paying for the stateroom. That’s it.

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