Movie Interruptus: Talking Your Way Through a Movie

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Teaching my son the fine art of watching a movie with his mom.

My second year at college began with a semester at the University of Southern Maine, three thousand miles from home. The college I attended happened to share dorms with two other schools, both of whom started a week earlier than mine. Their arrival therefore coincided with the early arrival of international students. During that first week we went to see Shaft at the local Nickelodeon; it cost $2 a head at the time. We took along some of our new American friends, one of whom talked incessantly throughout the entire movie. We soon forgot about this annoying yank, and only as we were leaving three months later did we realize it was our friend Ben, now my husband. I get very irritated when people talk through a movie at the cinema, but I have no qualms about chatting through a movie at home — just ask anyone who knows me.

My chatter tends to fall into two categories:

The first comes down to my need to know what is about to happen. I am one of those people who spend the entire movie voicing the following:

  • Is he going to die? He’s going to die, isn’t he? Just tell me if he dies and then I’ll be okay.
  • She’s the killer, isn’t she? It has to be her. Oh, yes, she did it.
  • What’s in the box? You have to tell me what’s in the box!!!
  • Well I’ve read the book so I know he can’t die… unless they changed it for the movie… did they change it for the movie?
  • Well Mr. X can’t die, he,s a main character, there’s no way they are killing him off… are they?
  • Oh, I’ve seen this, is this the part where (insert annoying spoiler here)?

Should you be watching a movie with me and the above occurs, just ignore me. For if you answer my questions thinking it will silence me, you will be wrong and get a whole new set of questions.

The second category of movie interruptus relates to facts I may know about the movie, whether it be actual movie trivia, things that I like/dislike about the movie each time or information on how the movie pertains to me.

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