Call to Support Graphic Novel by Paralyzed Doctor Who, Hellblazer Artist

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A sample of Davidson's art from the Alchemist's Easel

GeekDad has supported a number of worthwhile Kickstarter projects that benefit artists but the information on this particular creator and his project one comes directly from DC Comics creator Gail Simone.

It’s not quite a Kickstarter project but is rather a global crowdfunding platform called The project will fund a graphic novel called The Alchemist’s Easel by artist Al Davison. (Warning: some of the art at this link, his studio, is of a mature nature and might not be safe for work.)

Davison was born with Spina-Bifida but persevered over the disease and an abusive father to have a career as an artist. He’s worked on Doctor Who, Hellblazer, and House of Mystery, among others.

Simone is passionate about Davison’s proposed book for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that the artist offered help in making Barbara Gordon’s recovery from a spinal injury in the current Batgirl series firmly based in reality.

From her tumblr:

Now, here is where Al is more kickass than anyone you know.

Not only has he become a tremendous and respected comic book artist, Al has, wheelchair and all, become a first degree black belt in Karate and a fifth degree black sash in gung fu. He makes films. He has a lovely wife and does the convention circuit in the UK, doing sketches and teaching drawing. Just a tremendous gentleman in all ways.

When Al heard about Batgirl’s new status quo, he offered to help explain martial arts for the movement disabled, and what Barbara would experience as she regained her mobility. Both his scholarly and personal notes on this subject are a big part of what is coming up in that book, as he had experienced some of those exact issues, of muscle memory and center of gravity.

But Alchemist’s Easel isn’t about Davidson’s long-term illness. It relates back to two incidents in 1988 when he lost his sight temporarily and yet kept drawing.

“When my sight returned I began to analyze the drawings I’d produced, and what I’d leaned about tapping into the unconscious, perception, dreams, and drawing. I have been teaching art based on that knowledge for over twenty years.”

The graphic novel will be part autobiography, part how to draw, and part what Davidson calls a “dream showcase.”

Since Simone posted her appeal for the project on tumblr, funding jumped to over $1,000 but there’s still approximately $2,500 left to go. $30 will get you an original ink drawing and a signed copy of the book when it’s finished and there are lower amounts to donate as well.

Visit IndieGoGo to support the project.

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