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Stop & Go Image Courtesy ShortStack

I have a soft spot in my heart for the app Splish Splash Inn by Shortstack. It was one of the very first apps we downloaded for Vivi to play with, and not only did we love the hip, almost Googie-ish designs of the rooms, but the voiceovers repeatedly cracked us up. In fact, we’re still prone to yelling, “EIGHT JELLYFISH!!” in these parts…

Splish Splash Inn Image Courtesy ShortStack

So when a local mom mentioned that there was a new app available by the same people, I immediately contacted them to find out more about it. The folks at Shortstack were kind enough to give me a code for their latest app: Stop and Go!, but BONUS! — also for Photo Safari – which we didn’t have! And now we are delighted with both of them!

Photo Safari Image Courtesy ShortStack

Stop and Go! takes place on a city street. You control the traffic light and watch as the cars and trucks roll by. Do you have a garbage truck enthusiast in your house like we do here? This is a lot easier than running pell mell to the door or window trying to catch a glimpse of one as it roars along.

Stop & Go! Image Courtesy ShortStack

My daughter loves it.  She’s also app-savvy enough to know how to search for the many hidden interactive elements available in the scene. Check out this video below to see just a few of them:

It’s bright, and colorful – and it’s for boys or girls. I can confirm this because I showed it to Vivienne’s godmother’s children this weekend and they were transfixed. There’s six of them, boys and girls, so as far as I’m concerned, I did a very successful mini focus group.

If you’re planning on doing any traveling this holiday, and you’re looking for some games to play on the plane with your toddler, you can’t go wrong with any of the apps from ShortStack!

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