Skylanders Universe Launches, Family Gamer TV Investigates

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In this episode of Family Gamer TV we look at the new WebWorld for SkylandersSkylanders Universe. But before getting into that we spent some time with another family new to gaming to see how they got on playing Skylanders for the first time.

I was really interested to hear (firsthand from their kids) about which characters they liked the most, the names they had invented for them (apparently Gill Grunt might actually be a girl) and how they played together as a family.

I’ve tracked with the ups and downs of the various Skylanders releases the last few months, but this is one that I think everyone will appreciate: For one thing it’s free, and for another it can be played via your browser.

Skylanders Universe is the Web World extension for Spyro’s Adventures that finally makes use of those little online code cards that are packed in with each figure. I discovered that my kids had been stockpiling these the last couple of months, and were more than a little excited to have something to do with them.

In the online game you can explore a range of Skylanders islands and challenge other players to different challenges. We particularly enjoyed Castle Assault that is a Skylanders takeoff on Angry Birds where you fling unsuspecting critters and precarious structures to win points.

A really nice touch is if you have a USB portal (the one that came with the Xbox 360 version) you can plug that into your PC and bring your Skylanders characters into the game that way. This made it much simpler than entering the codes — especially once we discovered that we had lost a few of the character online code cards.

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