RiffPlayer Makes RiffTrax Even Easier to Watch

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Image: rifftrax.com

My kids are big fans of RiffTrax, the guys who make fun of bad movies (and occasionally decent ones) with a snide running commentary you can play along with a DVD.

If I hear cackling coming from the living room, chances are good they’re watching an old episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, the show that did to old forgotten movies what RiffTrax does to current releases. The kids have even dragged me to some of the live shows starring RiffTrax and MST3K regulars Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett.

So my sons were thrilled when I told them RiffTrax was sending me a preview of their new RiffPlayer – and a DVD of Twilight Eclipse to try it out. The free player, which was released last week, is easier to use than the previous version, and works with both Windows and Apple OSX. According to their press release:

Prior to RiffPlayer … a RiffTrax fan would purchase an MP3 commentary file, load the DVD into their PC and run the movie and the audio track simultaneously. To assist with this process, RiffTrax has provided audio cues through the clever DisembAudio character, who periodically speaks words of dialogue to ensure the MP3 commentary track and the movie are in synch.

Now, with today’s formal release of RiffPlayer, RiffTrax fans can enjoy “instant laughter” in a way previously unavailable.

“I started RiffTrax five years ago because technologies such as MP3 and the Internet made it possible to bring our style of humor to a wider audience — and, of course, because Keanu Reeves continues to make movies,” said Nelson. “I’m thrilled that with the success of our core RiffTrax audio commentaries, along with our RiffTrax Live shows, DVDs and other products we can now bring to our fans the RiffPlayer. This really is an innovative piece of software that makes it even easier to, quite literally, ‘click play, and laugh.'”

If there was ever a series that needed RiffTrax, it is Twilight. And the new player makes it even easier to enjoy!

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