Magick For Terri Windling

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Terri's dog, Tilly, the "gatekeeper and goal announcer" of Magick 4 Terri

Terri Windling is a truly magical woman. And perhaps even more importantly, she’s a bringer of magic.

I discovered her work through the short stories collections she co-edited with Ellen Datlow, revisiting fairy tales in various dark, deep, deviant, weird, beautiful, mysterious, tremendous ways, such as Snow White, Blood Red or Black Thorn, White Rose. I love retellings of fairy tales. I’ve researched them, taught them, even wrote some of my own (in French, don’t look for them on Amazon!). She’s also a specialist of mythic fiction, which is my other favorite sub-genre.

Every lover of short fiction, fairies, myths, fantasy and horror may be thankful to her. I’m all of that, and all the more thankful.

Now Terri and her family are in need.

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