Looks Like The Doctor Is in Trouble (Again) This Christmas

Hacking the Holidays

The Beeb has released the prequel to the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special, and, as you’d expect, it leaves more questions than it answers:

  • How did The Doctor come to have his finger on the dangerously big red button?
  • Why does The Doctor try to call Amy for help when she left the TARDIS ages ago?
  • How can The Doctor escape a space ship that has clearly blown up with him inside?

Remember, this is a prequel, so it happens before the events shown in the trailer we saw a few weeks ago, so we know he survives … right?

Read more about the episode and why Steven Moffat says you will be crying your eyes out on BBC America’s Web site.

The new episode premieres this Christmas, Sunday Dec 25 at 9/8c on BBC America.

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