Family Gamer TV Tests iPad Gaming

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Perhaps the biggest shift in gaming over recent years has been the rise of iPad, iPhone and iPod gaming. These multifunction devices not only offer new interactions but do so at a fraction of the price. This week on Family Gamer TV Tobi tries iPad gaming as we introduce him to the new Bang! card game. Along the way we also talk about Real Racing HD, Fruit Ninja and Plants vs Zombies.

While many core gamers, myself included, often complain at the lack of buttons of multifunction devices (as opposed to dedicated gaming hardware) Tobi and his family immediately appreciated the simple tilt and touch controls. Not having had a long history with videogame controllers the issue of accuracy that is usually raised simply wasn’t on the table.

The tap and touch card controls of Bang!, the tilt steering of Real Racing, and the swiping of Fruit Ninja each made perfect sense. Because of this they needed no explanation for either him or his kids who could instinctively pick-up and play these games in a way that isn’t true of devices like the 3DS or DS.

It used to be that games would start on consoles and handhelds before being ported to other devices. Now, however games like Plants vs Zombies have done the reverse, starting life on PCs and/or iOS devices before making their way to the DS.

I’m still attached to the dedicated nature of a gaming console or handheld, but seeing how families new to gaming take to broader experiences makes me wonder if the days of these machines are numbered.

Could you imagine a world without DSs and PSPs?

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