A Quirky Christmas in Walsall

Hacking the Holidays

Image: Kevin Bennett

My Dad has a store back in England. He sells action figures of all kinds, trading cards, all manner of dice and board games. He sells bags and mugs emblazoned with Wonder Woman and Betty Boop. He sells each kind of monopoly and a beanie baby for every TV character that they make one for. He sells remote-controlled Daleks and 12-inch Freddy Kreuger room guards. For special customers he seeks out unusual items from their geekout of choice. He is responsible for a good chunk of a small house nearby being filled with obscure Star Trek merchandise from the far corners of the globe. I’m always curious every year as to what the Christmas favorite is in my quirky home town, and my yearly report just came in…

[To see what’s hot on geek Christmas lists in Sarah Pinault’s West Midlands hometown, visit GeekMom!]

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