Is That Amazon Price A Good Deal?

Hacking the Holidays

The Tracktor is ready for the holidays! Use it to check the history of an item's Amazon price.

You’re looking at an item on Amazon, trying to remember how much it was when you saw it in a store two weeks ago. Is Amazon’s price better? Maybe. Unless it’s a toy, in which case, my experience suggests: probably not. But the good news is that there are ways to find out. You probably already price check against other stores — I find Google Product Search the fastest way to go about that. But even when Amazon is the cheapest, is Amazon beating itself? Is a particularly stunning price something you should grab now (as those are sometimes quick to change), or is it likely to stick around for a while? The only way to find out is to check the price history.

There are a few sites that help you do so with varying results. I tried searching in each for a few things that I’ve been keeping an eye on, and on some trackers, not every item shows up in a search. For example, I’ve been looking at Nikon D5100 bodies. I already have plenty of lenses, so I don’t need a kit. Some price trackers, however, only wanted to show me kits with lenses. Here are three of the best options I found overall, for accuracy and features…

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