SVA’s Student Ink

Front cover of the Fall 2011 cover of Ink

Oh, to be in graduate school again. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, but I graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 1999. Before iPads. Before iPhones. Before iPods. Before Facebook. Before YouTube. I learned how to edit analog video before progressing into digital, and even then showed my work using a VCR. Aside from getting one of my student videos on NYC public access television, there weren’t a whole lot of broadcast options. We were all making weird little YouTube-ready videos, long before the interwebs were ready for us.

Cut to 2011, and my SVA alumni newsletter informs me of Ink, a digital publication available as a free download from the iTunes store. Ink is a student-run comic magazine showcasing work by students and faculty, as well as articles and interviews. Some of the work is goofy and student-y, but some is downright impressive. This lovely app is a great way to see emerging art talent.

I’m quite jealous (and proud) of these kids today.

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