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As the new Skylanders characters start to hit retail, and the mysterious limited edition silver Skylanders start cropping up, Family Gamer TV takes some time to see what makes this game different and how well that works for one of our gaming moms.

A big question for Vanessa on the show is whether you need a lot of the figures to enjoy playing the game. While it’s worth remembering that you can complete the game with just three characters, to get the most out of the experience you really need to wade into the wonderful world of figure collecting.

The most recent additions to the range have been a second wave of figures, including Dino-rang, Hex and Wrecking Ball. My daughter was particularly excited to be able to team up two girl Skylanders: Stealth Elf and Hex are now her girl characters of choice.

This still leaves Sun Burn, Warnado, Slam Bam, Wham Shell, Double Trouble, Zook, Camo and Cynder to come in subsequent release and with one in each Element it means you can’t gain the extra stat boost from owning a complete set just yet.

In addition to the standard figures there are also a set of special editions. Legendary Skylanders are a different color and offer increase stats. Legendary Skylander figures currently include Legendary Bash, Legendary Spyro and Legendary Chop Chop although I suspect more will be added.

Most sought after of all are the limited edition Silver Skylanders. They are unlike the Legendary figures in that they have the same stats as their non-silver counterparts. They also look the same as standard figures when used in the game.

The novelty, especially for collectors, is in their different physical appearance, packaging and rarity — only being sent out randomly to retailers in limited numbers and found on shelves alongside standard Skylanders. Currently, silver Skylanders include Silver Dino-rang, Silver Boomer and Silver Eruptor.

Here’s my updated availability list with the new second wave figures added:

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