Prepare to Storm the Beaches Again with Memoir 44 Campaign Book, Volume 2

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Game company Days of Wonder is on a bit of a roll these days. After bringing longtime favorite Memoir ’44 online this year, releasing a truly excellent iOS version of its popular Ticket to Ride, and a nice two-player port of Smallworld to iPads, it was very nice to see some great board games available in another format. But, lest you think DoW had lost its focus, the publisher will soon be issuing a second volume of its Campaign Book for the the very popular war game, Memoir ’44.

The hardcover book contains a whopping 46 new scenarios across 11 unique campaigns, almost evenly split between the Pacific and European theaters. Like the first campaign book, Volume Two allows players to play successive battles, where the outcome of the last helps dictate the next. And, also like last go around, there are also a few new rules to help these scenarios move along smoothly.

The Campaign Book does require a base Memoir ’44 game and, depending on which scenarios in the book you want to play, a variety of additional add-ons (see last paragraph on the book’s product page). Along with the short history lesson each Memoir ’44 scenario imparts, the Campaign Book comes with 50 new tokens to help you on the beaches of Roi-Namur and the hedgerows of Operation Cobra. Also found in the book are 8 scenarios to play out the fall of Poland and a 9-scenario telling of the Bicycle Blitzkrieg. There are even a handful of Air Aces scenarios to round out this 125+ page book.

You can pre-order the book now through Days of Wonder or pick it up, mid-December, at your friendly local gaming store.

Disclosure: GeekDad was sent a review copy of this book.

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