Hunger Games Trailer: What’s Your Take?

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What do you think? Our first extended look inside the movie…seeing Katniss salute the TV viewers gave me goosebumps. But Woody Harrelson’s floppy hair made me yell at my screen. That’s not my Haymitch. He needs to be straggly and grizzled, absolutely, but that hair is just silly.

Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket: spot on. And Stanley Tucci’s Caesar Flickerman: not at all the picture in my head (I saw him as more of a Liberace figure), but I LOVE this glimpse of the character. Awesome. It’s Tucci’s powerhouse charisma, just perfect.

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12 thoughts on “Hunger Games Trailer: What’s Your Take?

  1. My son Sammy & I will be at the midnight show, even if it means having to let him sleep in a little and be checked in the next day… : )

    I got that nervous/excited feeling in my gut when Katniss was in the tube, going up into the games. I’m pleased so far, because I kind of realize there are a lot of things in books that don’t translate well on screen, so I’m curious to see how it all works out! I’m interested to see Katniss’s mom, Haymitch when she first meets him, and Rue when she is hopping through tree tops! : )

  2. I definitely got butterflies in my stomach when Katniss was in the tube! I also found her cry of “I volunteer” absolutely gut-wrenching. I’m really glad that it appears that they kept the darkness of the book.

    Effie Trinket is absolutely spot-on for me. I could never exactly imagine the Capital accent when reading the books, but as soon as she started talking I knew that was it. I also pictured Flickerman as bit more Liebracci-esque. In my head he was sort of a combination of Regis Philbin and Liberacci. I didn’t feel like I had enough to go on for Haymitch, but I am definitely feeling Kenny Kravitz as Cinna.

    I am so excited for this movie. I truly can’t wait. Now I just need to get my husband to read the books so we can have a date-night to go see it (what? nothing says romance like kids being forced to kill each other right?)

  3. Well darn it! I am going to cry throughout this whole movie. I couldn’t even make it through the trailer. This is definitely an opening night movie for me. Haven’t had one of those in years!

  4. I talked my 11 year old into reading the books so we could have this bond, but my 14 year old just won’t budge. He’s going through this phase where anything popular isn’t cool. He loves survivor stories like I do, so I really hope that seeing this trailer will change his mind.

  5. I was teary-eyed about twenty seconds in, and to tell the truth my excitement/stress level is STILL up and it’s been about four hours since I watched it! I cannot help being SOOOOO excited about this, which is a surefire way to be disappointed, but I CAN’T HELP IT!

    I LOVE District 12. It looks EXACTLY how I pictured it, maybe because I grew up on the borders of Appalachia and it’s just, you know, ACCURATE. But it caught my breath.

    I’m liking the appearance of the hovercraft in apparently the beginning of the actual story as opposed to flashback– that’s kind of cool.

    Effie’s accent is weird, but it works.

    One thing I hope is just an edit for the trailer and is not actually how it will be in the movie– the arrow that captures the gamemakers’ attention. I’m hoping it will be like it happens in the book, and they just didn’t show it here so as to not spoil it.

    Yeahhh, not really sure about Haymitch there, either. We’ll have to see more of him.

    But Peeta. Oh my dear Peeta. I’m sorry I ever doubted your casting. YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY PULL IT OFF.

    I am too, too excited, and I really need to cool it off…

  6. Yeah I’m… yeah. Speechless for once.

    The only comment I have is that if they faithfully reproduce every word of those books on screen the movie will be rated R, clearly a non-starter for the movie’s demographic.

    The violence will be toned down from the book. It will have to be.

    I am not sure how I feel about this.

  7. Ohhhhhhhhhh: this looks GOOOOOOOOOD!!!

    I liked the Flickerman character so much: I thought that he was a rebel from within the system–he didn’t have the power to change the rules surrounding the Hunger Games but he tried to give every candidate in the Games a moment of grace in his interviews. By helping the candidates look their best on air, he made them all human. I always thought that he did that not for ratings, but to get the viewers to ask themselves “is this right?”

  8. SO EXCITED! I have watched it three or four times. It looks perfect, I am so IN, I can’t WAIT! Totally agree about Katniss’s “I volunteer!” moment and the tube — terrifying and gripping, just like the book. YAAAAAYY movie version!

  9. I can’t wait! I agree with Cara about not seeing enough of Haymitch to make a judgement quite yet. I envisioned someone who looked like John Goodman — but then again, I guess it’s tough to be that heavy in District 12, even as a Victor. Woody Harrelson is a very gifted actor and I’ll bet he’ll do his research and play him well.

  10. I love it. I cannot wait. I didn’t notice this, but someone pointed out that it’s a bitt sad that all the tributes are wearing matching training outfits when Katniss and Peeta were the only ones matching in the books. I honestly have seen it 4 times and didn’t even notice Stanley Tucci in the trailer. I had to go back a 5th time and watch for him.

    Everything looks good, I was all for Woody Harrelson playing Haymitch, but from the trailer he’s not how I picture him so I am not sure if I will get let down by him.

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