Forget Football — Watch Some Punkin Chunkin Tonight

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While most may be happy to get their post-holiday meal physics lesson from the mock-gladiatorial combat represented by college or pro football, can we suggest something a little geekier? Tonight at 8:00pm Eastern/Pacific, 60% of the MythBusters (that’s Kari, Grant, and Tory) will be hosting Punkin Chunkin on Science.

Punkin Chunkin is the annual Delaware event where teams from all over come together to see who can launch an orange gourd the farthest. There are catapults, trebuchets, cannons and more to see, and all the proceeds go to charity. So, instead of watching some silly sports event while the kids go off to play videogames, why not bring the whole family together to share something that’s one part science, one part history, and a gazillion parts fun?

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