Kinectimals Returns to XBox, This Time With Bears

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When the Kinect was released almost a year ago, one of the launch games was Kinectimals. This game for kids allows users to interact with virtual animals through a series of simple motions the Kinect motion detector recognizes and interprets. The first iteration of Kinectimals consisted of various cubs from the cat family. The game was adorable and fun for kids to play, so it made sense that there would be a sequel; and now, there is. Kinectimals Now With Bears released this week and it’s every bit as much fun and cute and adorable as the first game.

Users will first have the opportunity to choose between cats and bears, before deciding which specific species to call their own. Again, a user’s Kinectimal will bond to its owner through games, grooming, feeding and bathing and other activities and users are instantly awarded with feedback that makes the playing experience enjoyable. This time around, there are two islands to explore, each packed with hundreds of collectibles that users can use to personalize the homes of their Kinectimal pets.

Finally, the Kinectimals brand has been licensed by the Build-A-Bear Workshop. Kids can now visit a real-world store, build and purchase a plush Kinectimal (see sample after the jump), then scan the unique animal into the game with the Kinect to play with in-game. Kinectimals is a favorite around our house, especially with my daughters, and as resistant as I am to saccharine sweet games like this, I have to admit Kinectimals Now With Bears is a very cute and infectiously fun game.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a review copy of this game.

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