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boom de yada, the world is just awesome,
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The song “I Love The Mountains” has long been a sing-along staple at kids’ summer camps, on seniors’ tour buses, anywhere people who like to sing gather. The words are simple and the refrain is too catchy to forget. But you’ve got to admit, the original lyrics just beg for modification.

I love the mountains
I love the rolling hills
I love the flowers
I love the daffodils
I love the fireside
When the lights are low
Boom de-ah-da
Boom de-ah-da
Boom de-ah-da
Boom de-ah-da

When I went to summer camp, modify them we did. Of course we jammed the lyrics with inside jokes so hysterical that no nine-year-old could get through the song. Those days aren’t over.

That’s because Discovery Channel rewrote the lyrics for an ad campaign a few years back. It really took off. Multiple versions have been made by Discovery Channel as well as by fans.


Clever ones are still cropping up.




Mr. Vasicek’s  fourth grade class




Dr. Who




Harry Potter




the Phillipines




What are the chances you’ll get the refrain out of your head now?








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3 thoughts on “Best Of The ‘Boom De Yada’ Videos

  1. Always loved that commercial and always will! And no, the song won’t leave my head all day:-)

  2. I just was thinking that if we had intergalactic travel, this kind of ad campaign would have all of us Earthlings longing to come back home again.

    (yeah, I’m thinking ahead.)

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