Can’t Make it To The Alpocalypse Tour? Get the DVD!


In case you’ve missed it, Weird Al is on tour again with The Alpocalypse Tour. There are a couple dozen dates left on the tour, but if none of them are convenient, or affordable, you can pick the tour up on DVD today. Weird Al” Yankovic Live! — The Alpocalypse Tour features a full length concert and a few additional features including: the music videos for Polka Face and Perform This Way, live video from other concerts, and some of Weird Al’s personal Youtube Videos.

I watched the DVD last night with the kids and they were torn between being laughing hysterically and being offended as their favorite pop song was massacred. I found it entertaining, and while most of the songs were both well done and funny a couple of them dragged on. Smells Like Nirvana was a bit too long on stage, as was Craigslist. Wanna B Ur Lovr had us all laughing and The Saga Begins and Yoda were both entertaining and funny in a very nerdy way. For the most part the kids thought it was funny, but they wouldn’t have watched it if I hadn’t encouraged them to do so.

It’s definitely worth a watch or two if you are a Weird Al fan, but only if you are a fan.

Wired: Plenty of classic Weird Al hits with a few new songs. Great audience interaction on many songs.

Tired: A few of the songs went on a little too long. The medley in the middle was a bit contrived and a few songs didn’t fit well.

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