The Alternative 52s: Moving Beyond DC

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While last week saw the debut of the first of DC Comics New 52, the publicity surrounding DC’s big revamp and its same-day digital publishing initiative led many comic readers to re-examine what they were buying and why.

The webzine Sequential Tart put together a list of “Alternate 52,” comics coming out in September.

While there are some Marvel titles on the list, it’s a good reminder that Marvel and DC are not the only comic publishers out there and there are plenty of alternatives spanning many genres, from Archie to manga to young adult. I was surprised but pleased, for instance, to see a hardcover graphic novel, The Last Dragon, by young adult writer Jane Yolen on the list.

Other readers decided to do DC’s job for them, offering alternate versions of the new DC universe with the DC Fifty-Too! Project. I love some of the re-imaginings, particularly the costumes, which seem to me more stylish that the official ones.

Here’s a great re-imagining of Superman and Batman that has a steampunk feel:

Cover by Ron Salas

Here’s a collage of all the covers in the Fifty-Too! project. For more detailed descriptions of the concepts, head to their website.

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