J.P. Morgan Uses Lego Minifigs to Explain European Debt Crisis

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Global finance is a mess, so much so, that even those with a firm grasp on its workings have a difficult time describing the intertwining relationships. So when Michael Cembalest, the Chief Investment Officer of J.P. Morgan’s private bank, sent out his research note this week, he decided to use Lego minifigs to help explain the various parties in the European confusion.

In his notes, Cembalest credits his son: “To examine the various factions, I consulted Peter Cembalest, who specializes in conceptualization of such phenomena. Peter (age 9) uses Lego Minifigures as a medium, and assisted me with the diorama on the next page.”

We’re still not sure we understand, but, regardless, we’ll offer the GeekDad stamp of approval to J.P. Morgan for acknowledging that everything is made better with Lego.

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